ADALSTRAETI 16, Hotel Reykjavik Centrum Iceland

Hotel Reykjavik Centrum maintains the Architecture  of bygone times.

The oldest part of the renovated building was originally built in 1764.

The new buildings have been built in the likeness of their historic predecessors Fjalakötturinn and Uppsalir.

The hotel has 89 rooms, each fitted with modern amenities.


Project: Hotel


Location: Adalstraeti 16 in Reykjavik Iceland


Type: Commission


Year: 2005


Size: 3700 m2


Client: Reykjavik City Council


Architects: TEIKN architects, VA architects, Argos Architects


Status: Built


Photographer: Sigurdur Pall Sigurdsson

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Skipholt 25      105 Reykjavik         tel: +354 415 0700       

Skipholt 25      105 Reykjavik      tel: +354 415 0700