In 2001 archaeological remains were excavated in Aðalstræti, which turned out to be the oldest relics of human habitation in Reykjavík. A wall fragment was found dating before 871 AD. During the excavation a hall or a longhouse was found as well, from the tenth century.  The remains were conserved at their original location in an Exhibition in the basement of the hotel building. Carefully designed walls around the remains of the long-house for its best protection as well as the floor is maintained in original shape using terrazzo for welcoming the guests to the museum.


The construction of Viking Age buildings is explained using multimedia technology. Computer technology is used to give an impression of what life was like in the hall.


The Exhibition aims to provide insights into the environment of the Reykjavik farm at the time of the first settlers. Exhibits include artefacts from archaeological excavations in central Reykjavik.


Project: Archaeological Museum


Location: Adalstraeti 16 in Reykjavik Iceland


Type: Commission


Year: 2005


Size: 1000 m2


Client: Reykjavik City Council


Architects: TEIKN architects, VA architects, Argos Architects


Status: Built


Photographer: Sigurdur Pall Sigurdsson


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Skipholt 25      105 Reykjavik         tel: +354 415 0700       

Skipholt 25      105 Reykjavik      tel: +354 415 0700